Sermons on 1 Samuel



This series is actually from 1 Samuel 16 to 2 Samuel 1.  It deals with the period of David's life when he had been anointed king, yet had not taken up the throne.  I am adamant that the purpose of the Old Testament is to point to Christ.  It is about Him and not primarily an encyclopedia of morality lessons.  In this series, I make the case that the passages in 1 Samuel prefigure Jesus' life on earth, for he was anointed at His baptism, but did not take up His throne until His ascension.



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1 Samuel 16

1 Samuel 17:1-38

1 Samuel 17:38-58

1 Samuel 19

1 Samuel 20

1 Samuel 21-22

1 Samuel 24

1 Samuel 25

1 Samuel 26

1 Samuel 27-29

1 Samuel 30

2 Samuel 1