Sermons on The Ordo Salutis

(Order of Salvation)



This series uses Chapters 9-18 of the Westminster Confession of Faith as a structure to look at what the Scripture teaches about the process of salvation. Theologians frequently use the Latin phrase "Ordo Salutis" to refer to this.


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1. Free Will

2. Effectual Calling, part 1

3. Effectual Calling, part 2

4. Justification, part 1

5. Justification, part 2

6. Justification, part 3

7. Adoption

8. Sanctification, part 1

9. Sanctification, part 2

10. Saving Faith

11. Repentance Unto Life, part 1

12. Repentance Unto Life, part 2

13. Good Works, part 1

14. Good Works, part 2

15. Perseverance

16. Assurance, part 1

17. Assurance, part 2