An Explanation of the Five Points of Calvinism


A Summary of the Five Solas of the Reformation


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Joseph Alleine's book An Alarm to the Unconverted

This Is one of the most reprinted books in history, but as far as I can tell is now out of print.  This book is a masterful work on the difference between true and false conversion.


Martin Luther's Declaration which prefaced his commentary on the book of Galatians

This short document transformed the lives of John and Charles Wesley and George Whitefield, which led to revival in the United Kingdom and the American Colonies.  It teaches the true power to save and sanctify a person.


Jonathan Edwards' sermon "Hypocrites Deficient in the Duty of Prayer"

This sermon reveals the counterfeit nature of false Christianity.  Edwards says in the sermon "It is hard for a man to let go a hope of heaven, on which he hath once allowed himself to lay hold, and which he hath retained for a considerable time. True conversion is a rare thing. But that men are brought off from a false hope of conversion — after they are once settled and established in it, and have continued in it for some time, is much more rare."  He pleads with us to take an honest look at the state of our soul.


George Whitefield's sermon "The Method of Grace"


This sermon masterfully explains repentance.  Whitefield demonstrates that we must repent of our actual sins, original sin, and acts of righteousness.  It is only as we cling solely to Christ's righteousness that we can have peace in our souls.


Thomas Chalmer's sermon "The Expulsive Power of a New Affection"

Chalmers proves that to conquer sin, something more powerful must drive it out.  Therefore we will conquer one sin with one more dreadful or through being overcome with the beauty of God.