Sermons on The Letters to the Seven Churches



Many American Christians are asking the question what is church and what should it look like. Many pastors have answered the question with books and church plants promoting a variety of models. I designed this sermon series to investigate what Jesus says a church should be when he addressed seven churches in Asia.


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Ephesus-Revelation 2:1-3

Ephesus-Revelation 2:4

Ephesus-Revelation 2:5-6

Ephesus-Revelation 2:7a

Ephesus-Revelation 2:7b

Smyrna-Revelation 2:8-9

Smyrna-Revelation 2:10-11

Pergamum-Revelation 2:12-13

Pergamum-Revelation 2:14-16

Pergamum-Revelation 2:17

Thyatira-Revelation 2:18-19

Thyatira-Revelation 2:20

Thyratira-Revelation 2:21-23

Thyatira-Revelation 2:24-25

Thyatira-Revelation 2:26a

Thyatira-Revelation 2:26-27

Sardis-Revelation 3:1-3

Sardis-Revelation 3:4-6

Philadelphia-Revelation 3:7-8

Philadelphia-Revelation 3:9

Philadelphia-Revelation 3:10-11

Philadelphia-Revelation 3:12-13

Laodicea-Revelation 3:14

Laodicea-Revelation 3:15-17a

Laodicea-Revelation 3:17-18

Laodicea-Revelation 3:19-22