Sermons on Ezekiel


Ezekiel is one of the least known books in the Bible despite it being one of the largest. In this series we take an overview of the book, looking at how to apply this book to the Church.


Ezekiel takes us to the depths of despair as we see the depths of our wickedness and then lifts us as we see the glory of God in redemption. Jesus calls himself “the Son of Man” 70 times, which shows He saw his ministry as a fulfillment of Ezekiel’s in preaching to a rebellious people, taking their sin upon himself, making them clean, and presiding over a new temple.


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Ezekiel 1-3:15

Ezekiel 3:16-5:17

Ezekiel 6-8

Ezekiel 9-10

Ezekiel 11-13

Ezekiel 14-16

Ezekiel 17-18

Ezekiel 19-21

Ezekiel 22-24

Ezekiel 25-28

Ezekiel 29-32

Ezekiel 33-34

Ezekiel 35-36

Ezekiel 37-39

Ezekiel 40-41

Ezekiel 42-44

Ezekiel 45-46

Ezekiel 47-48