Sermons on John


John tells and shows us many aspects of Jesus’ life that the other Gospels do not. We will see His seven miracles from John 2-11 and the seven “I am” statements. Almost half of John focuses on Jesus’ passion.


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John 1:1-14

John 1:15-34

John 1:35-2:11

John 2:11-26

John 3:1-18

John 3:16-36

John 4:1-26

John 4:27-54

John 5:1-18

John 5:19-47

John 6:16-40

John 6:41-71

John 7:1-27

John 7:28-53

John 8:1-30

John 9

John 10:1-21

John 10:22-40

John 11:1-16

John 11:17-35

John 11:35-57

John 12:1-19

John 12:20-50

John 13:1-17

John 13:18-38