Sermons on Romans


After preaching on Philemon, which gets much less attention than any other letter by Paul, we look at Romans which probably gets the most. In this letter we see how the Gospel is the power of God for salvation from first to last. Salvation is an ongoing process in which we come more and more into the freedom and life Christ has already purchased for us.


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Romans 1-The Greatest Sin

Romans 2-Circumcision of the Heart

Romans 3-The Purpose of the Law

Romans 4-Justified by Faith

Romans 5-Original Sin

Romans 6-Freedom from Sin

Romans 7-Deliverance from the Law

Romans 8-No Condemnation

Romans 9-Election

Romans 10-Election and Evangelism

Romans 11-Making Israel Envious

Romans 12-Living Sacrifices

Romans 13-Authority

Romans 14-Eating and Drinking

Romans 15-Where the Gospel is not Known

Romans 16-The Early Church